3 Launches This Week! Get Black Star Canyon FREE for till Friday!

Black Star Canyon Ep1 Cover blur final
Thats right Creeper Crew! We had three big launches! My collection of weirdo Bizzaro tales called Creepology came out and is at its sale price of $2.99 til new years. Then, we had the next Slasherton book, Sack In Drag come out which is also at an introductory sales price of .99 cents til new years! Finally the highly anticipated mystery thriller serial, Black Star Canyon came out on Monday and is FREE through Friday. Honestly, it has been totally exceeding our expectations. I’m so thrilled that it has been getting such a positive response and seems to on pace to be the most downloaded book I’ve ever had during a free promotion. If you haven’t got it yet, get it before Friday so you can read it this weekend because Episode 2 comes out on Tuesday! If you liked Twin Peaks or Northern Exposure, you will LOVE Black Star Canyon!. Thank Creeper Crew! You guys are the BEST! By the way, Sack and Free Kindle Books will be FREE also through Friday to help get people interested in Creepology and Sack In Drag, so if you know anyone would be interested in these pass the info along! Thanks again!



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