Band History


Creepersin was formed in late August of 2004 in Orange County, California by Creep Creepersin, who had been playing in a slew of bands over the last ten years and a solo act called The Massacre that was just him and an acoustic guitar. When asked by a promoter to put together a live band show for Halloween, Creep search for a band mates with friend/bassist The Shank. Together they found Norman Mop on guitar and Mr. Mundo on drums. Their first practice, had bassist Johnny Strotman playing because The Shank was at work. There, they played three, soon-to-be Creepersin classics Bleed for MeCleaverland and To Dance with the Dead over and over and over again.

creep bakersfield

Knowing that their first show was two months away at The Liquid Den in Huntington Beach, California on Halloween night, the band practiced very frequently. The band learned 13 songs which ended up being the track list for the album The Rise of Creepersin. Bassist, The Shank wasn’t working out very well in the month of September, and after recording their first single Bleed For Me backed with Last House on the Left on Mockingbird Lane. They replaced The Shank with bassist Rocky Horrornandez just in time to play their first show. At the show, they sold out of their Bleed For Me single (which members say anywhere from 30 to 100 copies were pressed). None were ever pressed again.

After that show, they got booked at several bars and clubs in Orange County and soon were playing all over Southern California in LA and Riverside Counties. In December of 2004, the band recorded The Following Preview is rated R taking the songs from the Bleed For Me single and recording two new songs Meet Me Out in the Sticks and Proceed With Plan 9. They pressed a small number of this EP and released it online as a free download on the bands website. It is said that bassist Rocky Horrornadez re-recorded The Shank’s bass lines on Bleed for Me and Last House on the Left on Mockingbird Lane.

early tours

2005 brought the finished recording of what was soon to be The Rise of Creepersin, the departure of bassist Rocky Horrornandez. The band quickly got bassist, Stitchblade on recommendation from Mr. Mundo. The band wouldn’t release the album until April due to lack of financing. Right before their first tour, Mr. Mundo left the group to go to school and was replaced by El Hombre on Stitchblade’s recommendation. The band went on their first tour up and down California playing newer songs from an EP that they were planning on recording after Rise was released called Klatu Verada Creepersin. After playing twice a week for a few months, the band got the money to put their album out themselves.

2005 band

The band also recorded a live album entitled Day of the Dead on Cinco de mayo that was never released and by the end of May, Stitchblade was released from the band after, and El Hombre quit the band to move to San Francisco. Over the next few months Creep and Mop auditioned drummers with Creep playing bass and found no one.


In the fall of 2005, Creep, his wife Nikki and their children, packed up and moved temporarily to Eugene, Oregon to film the Blood Lust Romance trilogy, a horror film series that Creep wrote and was planning on directing. Once there, the funding of the films fell through and they chose to stay in Oregon. Shortly into their stay, Creep met bassist Salvez Dodd. The two quickly started working together and they made the video for Meet Me Out in the Sticks.


After the video played around town, record producer Matt Feltes approached Creep wanting to record a new Creepersin Album. Creep went into Central Node Studios in Eugene with Feltes and recorded the album Faster Creepersin Kill! Kill! Mop was asked to come and record guitar parts but couldn’t get up there for the session due to prior conflicts in his schedule. In just a few days with Creep playing all the instruments except keyboards which his wife Nikki (aka Mrs. Creep) played. After the album was finished, Creep released the intended Klatu Verada Creepersin EP online for free via the band’s website.

Knowing that there was time left for more recording, Creep asked Feltes if he could quickly record an acoustic album. In one afternoon, Creep recorded 14 songs that would soon become Volume 13: Folk Songs for the Dead. The only omitted song was River of Lost Souls, a solo set staple since he started playing live because according to Creep, “my vocals weren’t as good as they should have been”.

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Soon after the recording, Creep was introduced to drummer Skelly by Feltes who was recording his bands Dorseras album at the time. The two started jamming and booking shows. The Return of Creepersin show marks the first out of state performance of the band, the first performance with Mrs. Creep on keys and also the first and only show with bassist Paula Fright, from the band Vexium and Barnabas from Drosera. Salvez left the band weeks before the show because she moved out of state. The band quickly started getting booked all over Oregon and the line up changed quickly to Creep on guitar and vocals, Mrs. Creep on keys and Skelly on drums. This line up would be the longest lasting one at almost a year.

Creep and Mrs. Creep soon started The Sci-Fi Originals, a band that was just the two of them acting as Skrotar the Conqueror and Clitora the Destroyer, two aliens from Uranus who came to enslave Earth. Clitora took care of Keys and Drum machine while Creep handled guitar and vocals. They went back to producer Feltes to record their only album to date Uranaus Will Rule You and repeatedly would play as the opening act for Creepersin.

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After the release of Faster Creepersin Kill! Kill!, Creep directed his first feature film Frankenstein and went into the Central Node yet again, this time with Skelly on drums to record Monster From Long AgoThe Calling and Yvonne de Carlo for the album soundtrack. In exchange for the recording, Creep agreed to record two other songs for Feltes that he could use on a couple of upcoming compilation albums. These songs Suzy Sasquatch Strikes Second and Gett’er Mommy Kill’er with the other three songs from the Frankenstein soundtrack later became Creepersin’s Final Chapter EP.


In January of 2007, Creepersin moved back to Orange County leaving behind drummer Skelly. Creep and Mrs. Creep, gave an official release for both Uranus Will Rule You and Creepersin’s Final Chapter in September of that year. Shortly after, Creep released the solo albums Volume 4: The Untimely Death of Spade 13, an album he recorded in the summer of 2000 and a collection of love songs he wrote and recorded for his wife in 2003 called Volume 9: Flowers for Nikki.


In 2008, filmmaking became the forefront of Creep’s work. He released a collection of hits and demos from all his bands and solo work including The Sci-Fi Originals and The Necrofaggots called House of Creepersin. He intended on also putting a song on it from a band he did called Masqued Sinner entitled Who the Hell Am I? but took it off and the solo track Whore (a Lullaby) because there wasn’t enough room on the CD.

Songs from the Creepersin discography were being found in all of Creep’s early films of this period including OC Babes and the Slasher of ZombietownHe and Erection.


Creepersin joined forces with frequent film collaborator Gary Griffith (Morgion, Before the Rain, Dustflow) to record a new Creepersin album which is to be entitled Creepersin Reanimated. A rough mix of the track Dripping Down the Walls was released in 2010 on the Halloween Compilation album and the song Sigalert Suicide was used as the opening song of Creepersin’s hit web show, MKC: Monster Killers Club. In January of 2011, the band released the EP Creepersin Has Risen From the Grave. MVD re-released the albums Rise of Creepersin and Faster Creepersin Kill! Kill! starting in March of 2011 in anticipation for the new Creepersin Reanimated album.

Creepersin and Griffith (now G. Graves) have had more studio sessions recording 28 songs to make another album and 2 planned split albums with other horror bands. Triple Threat of Terror: Creepersin, Diemonsterdie and Others was released by MVD in July of 2011. The split album Creepersin vs. 13 Tombs: Split Psychosis is due out in 2012.

Creepersin Reanimated featuring 13 new tracks including the theme song for Charlie Vaughn’s film Bloody Mary 3D and the theme for Creepersin’s film Finger Bang, was released on November 8th, 2011 to great fanfare. To promote the album, the band went on the road in October for the Creepersin Reanimation Tour, which was the bands first U.S. tour. They shot a documentary of the tour called Reanimatied Roadkill which will with their new full length album Creepersin Go Home! which is made up of songs that were written and recorded on the tour.

The bands fifth EP, Venus Attacks Creepersin, was released on November 6th 2012.

Creepersin Go Home! was released digitally in early 2013.

In October of 2014, Creepersin performed as an acoustic two-piece, with Creep on guitar and G.Graves on a pump organ, at the world famous Whisky-a-Go-Go, opening for Wednesday 13.

In the summer of 2015, Creep moved to bass and the band became a three piece.

They are hard at work recording a new album to be released Halloween 2015.



  • Creep Creepersin—Lead vocals (2004 – Present), Guitar  (2006-2014), Bass (2006, 2015) Drums (2006)
  • G.Graves—Guitar (2010-Present)


  • Norman Mop—Guitar (2004–2006)
  • Mrs. Creep – Keyboards (2006-2007)
  • Mr. Mundo—Drums (2004–2005)
  • El Hombre—Drums (2005)
  • The Shank—Bass (2004)
  • Rocky Horrornandez—Bass (2004)
  • Stitchblade—Bass (2005)
  • Skelly—Drums (2006–2007)
  • Salvez—Bass (2005)
  • Paula Fright—Bass (one show in 2006)
  • Barnabas—Guitar (one show in 2006)
  • Zom-D—Bass (2011-2013)
  • GregYard—Drums (2011-2013)
  • Wilhelm Scream – Drums (2010-2011)