Black Star Canyon: The Complete First Season – OUT NOW!

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I feel so accomplished getting this first season out. It’s been a labor of love and madness that started in 1999. 15 years later, its out there for all of you to take in and the reviews and the feedback I have been getting has been amazing and humbling.

I figured some people might get a little “ticked” at how the first season ends, but I had no idea that people would get emotional about it. Not that people were crying or anything but some of you wrote me some strongly worded emails and/or told me off letting me know that I can’t do what I did and so on and so forth.

Here is the first review we got for the first season. I am very proud of it…

“I became a fan of this series after the first paragraph. Episodes 1-5 had me turning pages like a fiend. Creepersin has created a town with a great mystery and all consuming need to know whodunit. I have been a fan of serial fiction since John Saul did “The Blackstone Chronicles”, Stephen King did “The Green Mile” and VC Andrews did “The Wildflowers” each book was short and left the reader with a cliffhanger that would pick up the following month with the next installment. Creep has done this with his “Black Star Canyon” and just like with the other authors before him, Creepersin had me hungering for more after each of his episodes. The first season has been compiled into one book and can be consumed without stopping to go to Kindle Library and open a new book each episode. I highly recommend the Complete First Season (Books 1-5) and the anticipation for Season two is high! If ever a series deserves a chance to wow the prime time television drama fans, it would be “Black Star Canyon” in the meantime book worms everywhere can enjoy this awesome series on their e-readers.”

Season 2 will be out in June. I don’t know if I can even wait that long but I want to make sure that I can give the series legs by making sure people have time to read it! So, if you liked it, make your friends read it LOL!

But, there will be a little treat for all you Black Stars out there before the next season comes out so I will let you know what, when and where when it is ready.

If you are new to Black Star Canyon, below is an introduction, reviews and links to get all the episodes or even complete first season. Thanks!

When a body of a young woman appears in Black Star Canyon, it starts a chain of events that threatens everyone in Black Star Canyon and the future of the town itself.

If you liked Twin Peaks or Northern Exposure, you will LOVE Black Star Canyon!


“Black Star Canyon is a town shrouded in darkness, fulled by malice and nestled in horrors. Creep Creepersin has set out to create a written thriller drama series as wicked as any television show, and as well written too. The characters are skewed somewhere between quirky offbeat and lethal sociopaths. “Episode 1″ sets up a thrilling story with a tense and ominous arch that I am sure will have me on the edge, begging for more episodes. The characters, their questionable nature and the over all shadiness of it all coddled within this town of Black Star Canyon is an American Gothic that is has me engaged in a series that is sure to be entertaining.”

“If you’re a fan of David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks,” you’ll probably like “Black Star Canyon.” There are quirky characters: the alcoholic detective, the Lolita-esque daughter of the mayor, the lecherous hardware store owner, the cranky old man who probably knows more than he’s letting on. The main action is set in motion when the corpse of an unidentified young woman is discovered, sending shockwaves through the small rural community of Black Star Canyon. Author Creep Creepersin weaves in references to classic and modern horror throughout an engaging narrative that left me looking forward to Episode 2. This serial is more mainstream than Creepersin’s other works, though it does have it’s share of surreal elements and off-center characters. If you’re a fan of Creep Creepersin’s films and other written works, you’re sure to enjoy “Black Star Canyon.” If you enjoy David Lynch-style quirky mystery/suspense stories, you’ll really get into “Black Star Canyon.”

“I just picked up the latest episode of Black Star Canyon Episode 3. I am so excited to see what happens next. I can’t believe I can get this kind of talented entertainment at such good prices. Creep Creepersin is really onto something here. Check it out yourself…”

Start your journey into Black Star Canyon by clicking the link below…


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