Cap’n Kwint! The Latest Slasherton Book!

CK Cover PB

Hey all you Slashers! Zoe and I are super happy to let you all know that the latest Slasherton is finally out! We have been working on this one for some time and the story about it is actually a little funny.

As you know, Back on December 19th of 2013, we put out Sack in Drag. The story was about Sack having to go undercover to a secret town hall meeting that he, Stealth, Stitch and Claw were not invited to.

The whole book of Sack in Drag, was just Sack trying to get to the meeting without getting hit on or assaulted by all the pervy guys in town. The book ends with Sack getting to the door of the town hall meeting. Then a mean ‘ol, to be continued… filled the bottom of the page.

In the continuation, Cap’n Kwint, Sack gets inside the meeting to fin out what all the DragCoverPB 10x10hubbub is about. It is hysterical. Zoe and I had so much fun with this. It is a total spoof on the town hall meeting in the wonderful film Jaws. By the way, that is Zoe’s all time favorite film, so it wasn’t hard getting her to jump on that train!

The story is filled with your favorite characters from Slasherton and even some new ones that you will remember from Jaws (ahem, Cap’n Kwint) so I’m sure you will love it as much we do.

If you have been following the progress of this book, you will know that this was just supposed to be a two parter and that the next book was supposed to be The Creep Creek Creature. It was until we uploaded it.

CCC FCThe book was over 60 pages of full-color pictures and when we saw what price we had to sell it at, we quickly realized it would be less expensive for our readers if we just put out two separate books and cut a couple pages.
So, The Creep Creek Creature will be out next week. But until then, I hope you enjoy Cap’n Kwint!

P.S. here is a little gossip about things to come, next month will be Slasertober! We will be doing a ton of awesome stuff to promote Slasherton all month long! Get ready.

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