mad creep

Creepersin is an American rock band often classified as horror punk, goth rock, or dark wave sub-genre, blending punk rock and other musical influences with horror film themes and imagery. Founded in 2004 in Orange County California, by singer and songwriter Creep Creepersin, the group has had a fluctuating lineup during its existence with Creep Creepersin being the only consistent member. Creepersin has released several EPs and singles the albums The Rise of Creepersin (2005), Faster Creepersin Kill! Kill! (2006), Creepersin Reanimated (2011) and Creepersin Go Home! (2013) all considered touchstones of the horror punk movement. Creepersin is in the studio now, recording their new album Lovecamp 69 that is scheduled for release on Halloween 2015.