Creepersin @ the Whisky A Go Go – RECAP!

creep marqueThe show was so awesome. It sold out and there were some great bands there. Obviously,  getting to play with Wednesday 13 was a highlight. One of the bands that was super surprising though, was a band called The Rhythm Coffin. They had such a great look and stage show. I highly recommend anyone who is into horror music to check them out.

The day of the show, Gary showed up with his Farfisa(?) organ that was made in the 1950’s, and we rehearsed for the first time in a while. We had been rehearsing for this show up until that point by recording ourselves playing with the voice memo on our iPhones and then messaging them back and forth. Once we were actually in person and able to play the songs together, it was AWESOME!

We headed out to the club at about 3:00. We drove down Laurel Canyon all the way to Sunset, hoping there would be less traffic. NOPE. It took us about 45 minutes just to drive a few miles. Once there, we were lucky enough whiskey creepto catch Wednesday 13’s sound check. That was pretty awesome. There weren’t many people in the club; maybe 8, so it felt really special.
We finally figured out that it would be a couple hours before we were able to sound check, so we hung out in the green room and had some wine. :) Then we got ready with our make up and such at about six o’clock.

There was a huge issue with something once the security guys showed up and everyone had to go outside, right before we able to do our sophoto 2und check. But once they let us back in, it was already 7:45. That was when we were supposed to go on! So we rushed through a sound check while they were letting people in, and as soon as they let us, we stormed right into our set.

We opened the set with a song that I have been during acoustic sets for the last ten years or more called River of Lost Souls. It’s one of my favorites. We then played the new, weird acoustic versions of Creepersin classics. Dead Girls Not Dead, Last House on the Left on Mockingbird Lane and then My Chucky Doll Came to Life. It was around this point, that our stage monitors went out! I couldn’t hear anything on stage except the high notes of the organ! Gary cphoto 4ouldn’t hear anything from me at all at that point. We were going to play Proceed With Plan 9, but since there were harmonies on that one, we dropped it out of the set.

Then we played I Need More Blood and then closed the set with Bleed For Me. A funny happened right in the middle of the song and a huge burst of feedback came out of the house speakers and stopped us in our tracks! We both stopped playing, laughed and then finished the song.


After it was all over, we set up our merch table up stairs and was able to chat with creep merchsome amazing people who came out to the show. It was really good fun and it made Gary and I really miss playing.

We forgot to set up our recorder, so we didn’t get to record the show, but after talking about it and after the response we received from our set, we decided that we would put an album out of songs in that style. Mainly from the set we played but also some that haven’t been released.

We were also talking about re-releasing all of our old stuff. We talked about either putting everything out as it was or doing a collection of the 75+ songs from the first 10 years of Creepersin.

We are looking for a new drummer and maybe a new bassist, although, I might switch to bass for the next lineup. We really want to finish the recordings of the four albums that we started recording over the last couple years so whiskey creepersinhopefully those will be out soon as well. So for all of you that have been asking about when our stuff will be back up on spotify and such, we are looking into it.

All in all, it was good fun and I really can’t thank all of you enough who came out to support us. Thanks again and keep it creepy!



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