How Many Words Should You Write A Day?

how many words

I have been wrestling with this ever since I started writing full time. Be it script or book, I have always pondered this and made way more out of the question than what needs to be.

I recently, after all these years, figured out how many words a minute I type. The answer for me is 73 wpm. That is about one page every three minutes or so. That’s 4,380 words an hour which is about 17.5 pages per hour. That is about 35,040 words in an eight hour work day. That translates to about 140 pages I should be writing everyday. By this logic, I should be writing novels in two days.
This is great news! I was very excited. I have over 100 ideas and come with new ones all the time. This means I could clear out my backlist of projects with time to spare! I should be able to write 182 novel length books within the year! Right?
I would have to be a robot, a machine to be able to do that. I wish I could but sadly I am just a human with a daughter.
So if I could write at least ten thousand to fifteen thousand a day that should be great, right?
I wish.
Maybe some day.
I write normally around three to seven thousand words a day when I write my books. My scripts I usually finish in a weekend.. I don’t write every day though. I am trying to get into that habit. My goal for this summer is to write ten thousand words a day, Monday through Friday.

So what about you?How many words do you average a day? The bottom line on that is, it doesn’t matter. Write what you feel comfortable with. As long as you are writing, you will continue to write.

Some writer’s I know consider a good day writing three thousand words a day. I know some writer’s that are successful that have a hard time breaking two thousand a day, and that’s okay.
What ever you do and whatever you are comfortable with and whatever your life let’s you do is fine. My only demand is that you write everyday. Even if it’s a blog post. An outline. Some research for a project. Anything. Don’t get hung up on word count, just write something amazing that isn’t boring.

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