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photo 1I have been promoting my ebooks for almost a year now. One of the most common questions I get is, “How do you download an ebook?” another common statement I get is, “I can’t read ebooks. I don’t have a kindle.”

I am going to put these concerns to bed right now, once and for all.

Downloading ebooks is super easy. Reading ebooks is a super fun experience. For those unfamiliar, let me tell you just a couple things about ebooks that I really like a lot. One, I can have a crap ton in my computer or tablet or phone. With kindle and with ibooks, i can even have a ton more that are “in the cloud” meaning that i have them, they just aren’t downloaded yet or, it’s been so long since I read them, they are “in the cloud” to make room for my other books.

Second thing I really like is that it always remembers where you left off. even if i’m reading a book on my kindle on my mac, and then later I open it on my phone, it tell me that earlier on a different device, I read up to yadda-yadda, would you like to change that to your current location. It’s awesome.

Another thing I really like and find it very useful in reading non-fiction books is that there will be a dotted line under some text. if i hover over that it will say something like 784 people found this line useful or 409 readers highlighted this line. That’s rad! Oh yeah, you can highlight stuff too!

Anyway, most people who don’t have ereaders such as a kindle or a nook, think they can’t read ebooks because of this. It is not true. Anyone with a computer, tablet or a smartphone can read ebooks.

Most of the apps for these, like the kindle and nook apps, are FREE. Go to your app store or play store on your phone or tablet and download it. If you want to put these on your computer, just go to (for kindle) or (for the Barnes and Noble Nook) and search for the app.

photo 2If you are looking for the kindle app, just go to any page that is selling an ebook and on the right hand side in the second box down, you will see an ad to download the kindle app for free! It’s super easy.

Now that you have the app, how the hell do you get books on it. You just buy them. That’s it. If you are on amazon, just purchase the book. you will get a notice saying that the next time you open your kindle, it will be there waiting for you. Nook and iBooks (iBooks is for people with a Mac or have iTunes) are the same way.

Now one problem that I have a lot is that I tend to send people free copies of books through email or Facebook and then they can[t open them. This is the only slightly tricky thing to do when it comes to ebooks but really, it’s not hard at all.

What you want to do is open the email, download the attachment. It won’t open yet. You need to open it in your downloads file. Instead of opening it, right click on it (for PC) or Control+click on it (for Mac users).

Then click Open with… 

If the file is a .mobi file (that’s kindle’s own file extension) open it with your kindle app. If you have an .epub file (everything else practically) open it with your nook or iBooks.

It’s that easy. Those file will open up in the right app and then stay there.

Now you can practice by downloading my free book Black Star Canyon: Season 1 Episode 1 by clicking HERE. It’s free and it’s good practice. :)

I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.

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