The Really Stupid Thing I Did in March…

Zombie alpha coverI’m sure that most of you have been wondering what stupid thing I did back in March. Well, I didn’t know it was stupid until about a week or so ago.

Back in March, I published the first book in my zombie series, Zombie Alpha. That alone wasn’t stupid. Sales weren’t great at first, but I figured they would turn around.

It took a little bit before I got a review on it. I think the first two I got were a 3-star and a 5-star. That was fine. I figured to get more reviews, I would make it free. I wanted to try something I hadn’t done yet, which was make it free on other platforms (i.e. Apple, Kobo, etc.) and see how long it would take Amazon to price match it.

It took about two months and some change before they made it free. Not too bad I thought. All my other free books on Amazon, I had to write them and so them the free prices on other platforms.

The book was flying of the virtual shelves. I was really happy. There was a part of me that was bummed because I didn’t have the second book, Zombie Epsilon done yet, but I figured that would kick my ass to get it done faster.

So the summer roles on and I only get one new review for it.

Now let me state, for the record, that one of the things I totally suck at that I am trying to rectify about my writing career, is that I don’t bug the crap out of people for reviews. I should, but I don’t. I’m getting better, but I need to really up my game in that area.

So, back to the one review I got this summer. It was a 3-star review and the reviewer said, he liked my story but there were so many typos and errors in the book that it basically soured it for him.

Now, I have had reviews in the past where someone says “there were to many typos” and things like that. Those don’t bother me much. But, when they sound legit, I check up on it.

So, I read Zombie Alpha off of Amazon. I nearly had a heart attack. There were so many typos and grammatical errors, I couldn’t believe it. Then, one chapter was so bad, I knew something was screwy. There was a line that said something like this…

“”he said ,surPrise! ”

Or something like that. I knew something wasn’t right. I remember going over all of the changes from my editor, fixing stuff, changing things, etc. I couldn’t figure out what happened.

I go through my documents and I find the latest file that was used. Zombie so I open it up and it is full of the same errors! I thought I was going crazy! So, instead of just scrolling through, I searched “Zombie Alpha” in my Mac and found another file that said, Zombie Alpha!

I seriously almost crapped myself.

So what happened was, because I had made a mobi version for beta readers and stuff before I my edit back from the editor, I thought I should make a new file by putting the word final in it. But what I did when I uploaded it to all the sites was upload the one that didn’t say final in it.

So, I quickly changed out the files on all the platforms, but, Zombie Alpha has been downloaded THOUSANDS of times! That horrible version of it is out there.

Since then, I have found multiple files for different books. Because I am a hoarder apparently, I don’t throw away anything including bad files, I just rename them.

I’m a douche.

So, if you have a bad copy of Zombie Alpha, either delete and download it again on whatever platform you got it on, or let me know and I’ll email you another copy.  If you have never read it and would like to for free, you can get it HERE.

I just finished writing Zombie Epsilon yesterday, and hope that I don’t have this same problem.

Moral of the story, re-read everything, then read it again and then delete older versions of your files.

If you ever read my stuff and find an error in it, please drop me a line. I like to fix stuff, really.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed Zombie Alpha in whatever form you may have read it, and I hope you like Zombie Epsilon as well! :)

Keep it creepy!

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  1. Hey Creep,
    I bought ‘Zombie Alpha’ back in June and really enjoyed it! Glad to hear you’re putting out ‘Epsilon’—can’t wait! btw, I’m an e-hoarder too, so I know what you mean about getting finished files mixed up—uuggh! :-P
    Oh, and I’ll put up a review on Amazon for ‘Alpha’—I think it will only appear on the Canadian site, but, at least your fanbase in and around the North Pole will see it :-)

  2. Thank you so much!!! :) I’m glad you enjoyed it. I am really happy with Epsilon and have some really fun plans for the series. It’s one of those things where you start planning so far out, you worry that the next book will be dull to write because you are so excited about what happens two or three books from now! LOL. So, then I have to come up with a bunch of new exciting ideas to keep the one i’m working on interesting, but then, i can see where that will go a couple books down the road too! LOL. it’s crazy. i might just try to right a next few all at once.

    I am starting my next Shallow Giallo book next week, but then I ran across an old fantasy type thing I was writing in high school (very poorly btw) and now i’m thinking about fixing that up.

  3. It sounds like you have the same problem as Alfred Hitchcock: his favourite part of the process was developing the story, coming up with the ideas and plot twists. When it came time to shoot the picture, he was already bored with the project and wanted to move on!
    ‘Shallow Giallo’…that sounds pretty cool! And dusting off an old story also sounds like an interesting challenge. Let me know when these projects are up, and I’ll help get the word out. (btw, if you need a beta reader for anything, let me know.)

  4. I totally do have hitchcock-itis. lol I am totally like that with my films too. I’ll totally send you books for beta reading. That would be great.